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International Congress and Exhibition Pharma Qazaqstan & Central Asia

Pharma Qazaqstan Congress and Exhibition is a unique international platform for leaders of the pharmaceutical industry of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other countries of Central Asia which involves senior executives of investment projects and major pharmaceutical plants, government officials, regulators, technology licensors, developers, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, engineering and construction companies, technology and service providers. The event is devoted to discussion of major investment projects on construction of production capacities, to efficiency boosting options of pharmaceuticals production.

Congress Highlights

  • 200+ SENIOR EXECUTIVES OF THE LARGEST PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES will gather together on one platform to discuss the most pressing issues in the industry!
  • 20+ REPORTS with unique information from senior executives of key companies in the industry
  • 20+ LARGEST PROJECTS OF INDUSTRY LEADERS. Demonstration of the development of pharmaceutical companies, plans and projects for the construction of new facilities in Kazakhstan
  • CONSTRUCTION AND MODERNISATION OF PHARMACEUTICAL PLANTS IN CENTRAL ASIA: public support measures, foreign investments, new and existing projects
  • TECHNOLOGIES. The latest technologies for the construction, modernisation and equipping of pharmaceutical facilities. What are the main stages and challenges when equipping pharmaceutical production?
  • CASE STUDIES: Development of pharmaceutical companies, plans and projects for the construction of new facilities in Kazakhstan
  • SPECIAL FOCUS! Technical round table: modern equipment and its introduction, arrangement of efficient production
  • MANUFACTURERS' EXPERIENCE: key features of medicines registration, market launch, legal aspects. What nuances do producers face when bringing a new medicine to the market of Kazakhstan? The most significant legal aspects in the development of the new medicine
  • REGULATORY ASPECTS. What documents and certificates should be paid attention to when designing, planning and constructing pharmaceutical facilities? How to create a production that meets local and international standards?
  • IT'S IMPORTANT! Expert discussion: the possibility of developing a full production cycle in Kazakhstan, the required measures to support manufacturers
  • INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION. What prospects and strategies of cooperation exist for Kazakhstan in the pharmaceutical sector? Actual case studies on obtaining international certificates, searching for distributors and interacting with them
  • EXCLUSIVE EXHIBITION AND TECHNOLOGICAL PRESENTATIONS. Technological presentations, road shows, specialised exhibition of technologies, equipment and services from world leaders
  • 30+ HOURS OF BUSINESS AND INFORMAL NETWORKING! One-on-one meetings, business lunches, coffee breaks, welcome cocktail, and much more




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