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Panacea 2021

The long-standing tradition of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry is the “Annual Concours of Professionals in the Pharmaceutical Industry of Ukraine – Panacea”.

“Panacea” has been held since 1999.

The winners are determined by the results of comprehensive marketing research provided by the analytical partners of the competition - international and domestic analytical companies.

Panacea is a major event for the pharmaceutical community and a communication platform for the industry itself. The purpose of the concourse is to promote the development of all sectors of the pharmaceutical industry in Ukraine as one of the most important in ensuring the health and wellbeing of the population by rewarding for professionalism. Contest Panacea-2021 will take place on October 21, 2021 in the premises of the MYSTETSʹKYY ARSENAL

You can order tickets by following the link https://panaceja.ua/