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Charitable organization Industrial Community of Ukraine

Industrial community of Ukraine is a non-profit and objective organization that works for the benefit of Ukraine and its citizens during the war. The organization was founded in the first days of the full-scale invasion of russian federation by like-minded people from the magazine Pharmaceutical industry review and the engineering company ENGENIUM Group and has been actively working in the volunteer field since then.


provide assistance (financial and non-financial) for the needs of Ukrainian medical institutions, hospitals, universities, civilians, etc.


  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 6, Project No. 1. Together with HLR (#Khimlaborreaktiv), drying cabinet LabExpert was delivered for the needs of the Main Laboratory of the hospital.
  • Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 6, Project No. 2. The magazine Pharmaceutical industry review purchased and donated a MIGMA sterilization oven for the needs of the emergency department of the hospital.
  • National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine, project #1. The specialists of the ENGENIUM Group company prepared and conducted the first block of online lectures for the departments of pharmaceutical production and biotechnology of the National Pharmaceutical University.
  • National Pharmaceutical University of Ukraine, project #2. The Foundation, together with its partners, provided 2 scholarships for students of NPhaU.


  • suport our educational project as a lecturer. Contact us for an available list of webinar topics
  • provide with necessary equipment for hospitals (surgical instruments, hospital monitors, electricity generators, mechanical ventilation systems, systems for rehabilitation (fixation of boots, etc.), etc.
  • support with medicines for a Separate rifle brigade No48 - list of the medicines
  • participate in the financing of our projects:


Svitlana Havrylenko, +38 (063) 350 58 05, svitlana.havrylenko@community.net.ua

Vitalii Sliusarenko, +38 (067) 540 62 20, vitalii.sliusarenko@community.net.ua

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UAH: UA 8735 1005 0000 0260 0587 9139 991
USD: UA 0835 1005 0000 0260 0487 9139 992
EUR: UA 2635 1005 0000 0260 0387 9139 993

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