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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2023, #2 (95) April

Cosmar technologies is a response to the challenges of the modern market of aerosols and pMDI manufacturing

Cosmar is a company that has been operating on the market for over 30 years and today represents a solid growing reality.  It is a manufacturer of aerosol and Bag-On-Valve (BOV) filling machines and pMDI. Cosmar's product range includes semi-automatic machines for small batch production as well as fully automatic lines. Each line, each individual unit, is designed to meet the requirements of the customer, offering increased safety, high flexibility and reliability.

Cosmar was able to create a market of customers who placed great trust in those who, moved by a passion for machines, always treated the customer with great respect.

In the last ten years, Cosmar has decided to develop more and more technology to respond to a market that is growing worldwide in terms of quality. Thus, were born the machines managed by servomotors that allow greater flexibility and provide high performance.  Cosmar equipment is suitable for the following range of applications:

  • Cosmetics: shaving foams, deodorants, hair sprays
  • Household: air fresheners, surface cleaners, insect repellents
  • Technical: lubricants, paints, silicons
  • Pharma: nasal sprays, pMDI

Since 2018 Cosmar belong to a foreign investor who owns also the biggest valves and components manufacturing company Majesty Packaging Group.

In this way Cosmar has been able to explore more and more world markets and expand its offer, thus developing machines for Bag on Valve which today represent a good part of the turnover.

Furthermore, high productivity systems have been developed and today Cosmar is able to supply lines of in the respect of the highest pharmaceutical requirements.

With a view to continuous growth and thanks to the support of the important foreign partner Majesty, leader in the world for aerosol components like valves, actuators and dispenser, Cosmar has been able to create new professional figures by increasing internal resources, and today it can claim among the most important worldwide references.

Cosmar has recently decided to go further and has embarked on an important path that will lead the company to produce machines for the high-level pharmaceutical sector, in particular for bag-on-valve technology and the respiratory sector (MDI) with the collaboration of Italian university.

Important professional figures have been acquired who together form a team that operates both for technological and strategic development with particular attention to the foreign market.

New resources in design, business development and customer care will lead Cosmar to become one of the most important global players in the sector for the supply of aerosol systems, thus satisfying the mission of being the strategic partner of its customers.

In 2020 Cosmar moved in a completely new plant near Milan airport, and improved the organization chart to respond to the highest level of customers.

The philosophy is to supply good service and prompt reply to customer needs. This is always appreciated, and it is considered the first rule of our company.

Cosmar has acquired the competences for the pMDI production thanks to the team of experts who have carried out important projects for customers in Europe, USA and Middle East in the last 10 years.

Project implementation is enhanced by the active collaboration with an important University in Italy.

The quality of the equipment developed by Cosmar meets the highest technological level in the pharmaceutical process. Cosmar can provide single stage and double stage filling equipment.

Type of filling systems produced:

  • semi-automatic and complete automatic lines up to 200 cpm
  • Traditional aerosol filling equipment
  • BOV | Bag-On-Valve with utc crimping process
  • Spray pumps
  • pMDI
  • Liquid fillers
  • Perfumery filling
  • Leak testing machines

Cosmar is using the latest technology in the market. From Mass Flow Meters for dosages, to servo-motor for all the controls of the machines. All our machines can be controlled remotely and can be connected by company server.

The Pharmaceutical process are studied and analyzed to respect the customer needs, and all the documentation for validation process can be supplied.



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