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Acino and Revived Soldiers Ukraine help the veteran live a full life

Acino started a charity project with the help of sergeant Mykola Vyuk. His story is impressive: during the battle, Mykola and his comrades-in-arms captured 10 invaders and was wounded by a mortar mine. Despite his injured legs, he pulled out a combat medic from under the rubble. And then there were tourniquets for his wounds, evacuation, and high leg amputations.

"Mykola Vyuk did everything he could to protect our country. Now it's our turn to help him," says Yevhen Zaika, regional director of Acino.

For veterans with extremely complex cases of amputation of the pelvis, hip, shoulder, or reamputation due to secondary infection, prosthetics in the United States is almost the only chance. Such operations are not carried out in Ukraine - it is too difficult and expensive. Mykola needs more than 2 million hryvnias for prosthetics.

Acino will transfer one hryvnia from each purchased package 30 (Diokor, Diokor Solo, Difors, Difors XL, Talipress, or Klivas) and three hryvnias from the sale of each package 90 (Diokor, Diokor Solo, Klivas) to Revived Soldiers Ukraine - a charity fund that has been engaged in prosthetics and rehabilitation of severely wounded veterans of Ukraine in the USA for almost 10 years. "Our foundation has been helping our defenders for 10 years. Mykola is our 98th veteran. He has a very difficult case, but we cannot give up. With your help, we will carry out the prosthetics and rehabilitation of sergeant Vyuk!" comments Tetyana Grubeniuk, head of the Ukrainian branch of Revived Soldiers Ukraine.

The veteran is at Prosthetic & Orthotic Associates in Orlando, which has been rehabilitating military and civilian personnel for years. To date, almost 100 seriously wounded wards of the Revived Soldiers Ukraine fund have received qualified prosthetics and rehabilitation in the USA and have returned to their normal lives.

Thanks to the efforts of Acino and Revived Soldiers Ukraine, more of our defenders will get a chance for quality recovery and rehabilitation. Stronger together!



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