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Farmak closes M&A deals in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Ukraine

Farmak increases its presence in the EU countries by acquiring pharmaceutical marketing companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, together with the relevant IP rights and trademarks. The seller in the transaction is a portfolio company of the British PE investor Novator.

The decision to expand Farmak’s business into the EU markets is a part of its global strategy to evolve into an international company. Farmak’s development focus points include, inter alia, export sales, investments into abroad manufacturing facility (construction of a production site in Spain commenced in 2022), licensing agreements, as well as acquisitions of companies that are players in the EU markets.

Following thorough analyses of the available options, Farmak has chosen to acquire marketing companies given the speed of entry into the Czech and Slovak markets since these companies already have marketing capabilities, cooperate with the largest pharmacy chains and key drug distributors in the both EU countries.

As a standalone transaction, Farmak has also acquired Ukrainian business of Novator’s portfolio company. Farmak has become the owner of its product portfolio, selected assets and IP rights for products and trademarks. This will strengthen Farmak’s position in the cardiology and cough&cold ATCs.

Both transactions have been completed after the seller fulfilled the conditions precedent. The acquired target businesses and operations fully comply with the legal requirements and high ethical and corporate standards of Farmak.




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