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Marchesini Group acquires Milan-based company M.A.R. S.p.A.

A new company is joining Marchesini Group. The latest arrival is M.A.R. S.p.A., a company from Lainate (Milan) specialised in the construction of machinery for packaging liquids and powders in glass and plastic bottles, syringes, carpules and other containers for the pharmaceutical industry. This operation further extends the array of technologies available to Marchesini Group for the packaging of products in the Pharma world.

Founded by Silvio Pravettoni in 1967, M.A.R. S.p.A. is perhaps best known for constructing one of the world’s first pharmaceutical product packaging lines complete with sterile weighing system, which appeared in the late ‘70s. Production process sterility – an essential requirement when packaging products like vaccines and cancer drugs for distribution in pharmacies and hospitals – has continued to be a distinguishing feature of M.A.R. S.p.A., which, in the usual Marchesini Group tradition, will continue to operate from its current site, protecting the continuity of the business and the quality standards of the finished product.




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