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Darnytsia Held a Training for Manufacturing Enterprises on Implementation of the 5S System

Pharmaceutical company 'Darnytsia' with the support of consulting company BPI Group conducted training for manufacturing enterprises. During the training, held at its own production facilities, Darnytsia’s specialists talked about the peculiarities of implementing the 5S system.

A quick reminder, 5S is a modern system designed to organize and ensure standardized conditions in the production work area for the successful performance of basic technological operations.

It provides for maintaining order and cleanliness, helps to quickly get rid of the mess that may appear at the production, and also prevents its reoccurance in the future.

The implementation of such a system in production helps to save time and energy, thus increases labor productivity, prevents accidents in operational areas, and contributes to developing a habit in employees to maintain work standards and consistently improve them.

Interacting with the participants of the training, Darnytsia experts shared their experience and knowledge regarding programs and projects of lean production, conducted training 5S audits in work areas, and also explained in detail the practical aspects of implementing the 5S system.

We are happy to share our experience with manufacturing enterprises and tell first-hand about the practical nuances of the implementation and operation of the 5S system. We were also very pleased to hear positive feedback from the training participants about our work. Guests noted the neatness and organization of our work areas, high awareness and involvement of employees. Thank you for the high evaluation of our work and we look forward to the next meetings,” said Yevhenii Cherkas, Chief Operations Officer of the pharmaceutical company 'Darnytsia'.




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