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“FITOFARM” in Turkey

General Director of PJSC “FITOFARM” Maryana Martynchuk and her team paid a working visit to partners from Turkey – the company MEKSMAR. As part of the implementation of a new business strategy, “FITOFARM” is constantly expanding cooperation with international partners, in particular, European suppliers. Turkey is the third country with which the company cooperates.

During the visit, the issues of developing new cooperation algorithms for the period of military operations in Ukraine, strengthening mutual relations and new horizons for our common growth and development were discussed with partners. They agreed on a cooperation plan for 2024 and the launch of new innovative projects.

And what does this mean? Only that “PHYTOPHARM” will soon present new high-quality products produced at the facilities of European partners. We are looking forward to our new products on the shelves of pharmacies. And you?




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