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Conversations about pharmaceutics: a series of podcasts “Unmute”created by Darnytsia and UPSA-Kyiv

Pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” together with the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association (UPSA) are preparing a series of podcasts about pharmaceutics. Company experts will tell students about clinical trials, registration, production, logistics, marketing and pharmacovigilance.

In the first episode of the Unmute podcast the guest was Andrii Doroshenko, candidate of medical sciences, head of the department of clinical research and monitoring of the Darnytsia pharmaceutical company.

In the issue dedicated to discovery and research of medicines, Andrii Doroshenko talked about approaches to the development of new drugs, the main types of in vitro and in vivo preclinical studies and the phases of clinical trials, as well as focused on aspects of good clinical practice and features of the clinical development of generic drugs and biosimilars.

Sharing knowledge with students is an opportunity to pass onto them your experience and support young talents who are already shaping the future of Ukrainian pharmaceutics today. Participating in such events as the “Unmute” project lets me cooperate with young people, using the podcast format familiar to them,Andrii Doroshenko shared his thoughts.

“Unmute” is the first project of pharmaceutical podcasts in Ukraine, which provides convenient access to expert information in this field. The project was initiated by the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association and brings together stories by pharmaceutics professionals from Ukraine and abroad.

It’s worth reminding that the pharmaceutical company “Darnytsia” started its cooperation with the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Students’ Association last year, in August.

Moreover, “Darnytsia” and UPSA are working on the mentoring project #PharmBuddy where company’s employees will help their wards for three months, and build individual training plans with them. The project is designed for students majoring in “Pharmacy”, “Industrial Pharmacy” and “Biotechnology”.




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