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Uzbekistan is expanding cooperation with China in the pharmaceutical sector

It is no secret that Uzbekistan has established effective cooperation with many countries of the world in the development of the pharmaceutical industry, in particular, supplying our people with high-quality medicines and medical supplies, organizing imports and exports on favorable terms.

Recently, as part of this cooperation, a meeting was held between representatives of the Pharmaceutical Industry Development Agency and a group of pharmaceutical companies of the People's Republic of China.

This meeting, organized with the aim of studying the pharmaceutical market and increasing the export potential of our country’s domestic medical products, began with a presentation by the Director of the Agency, Ulugbek Egamov, about the opportunities created for the development of the industry in our country and the prospects for our pharmaceutical industry. Negotiations were then held with representatives of the China Chamber of Commerce (CCCMHPIE), whose activities focus on the import and export of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

For reference: CCCMHPIE, founded in 1989, is China's largest and most trusted national industry association for the promotion of international trade and cooperation in the pharmaceutical industry. The organization unites more than 2,400 corporations, including the largest companies in China engaged in the production and sale of pharmaceutical and medical products. In addition, CCCMHPIE also covers traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), medical devices and equipment, biopharmaceuticals, functional cosmetics and health products.

During the meeting, agency representatives also established promising relations with the Chinese company China Meheco Group Co., Ltd.

For reference, China Meheco Group Co., Ltd., a company dedicated to promoting human health and developing the pharmaceutical industry, has created a distribution system that it uses to coordinate its supply chain. It should be noted that this organization has established a national sales network and sales channels covering important cities and provinces such as Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangxi, Hubei, Henan, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang. The company, which holds a leading position in international trade, also has special competence in government projects.

During the meeting, a cooperative relationship was also established with a modern biotechnology enterprise, Beijing Yiyuanli Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a Chinese company specializing in vaccine research, production and distribution.

As a result of the event, parties received answers to many questions on providing population with safe, stable and affordable medicines, expanding immunization coverage, reducing incidence of infectious diseases and mortality, and protecting people's health.



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