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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2022, #1 (90) February

Dear colleagues! THE WORLD HAS CHANGED...

We live in the dynamic world of information and events rapid turnover – and have to tune to new pandemic conditions almost every day. The methods, knowledge and working approaches used year or two ago are no more applicable. The teamwork and its flexibility became compulsory precondition for development, efficiency and achievement.

And we are changing too! Starting 2022, I take the responsibilities of the Editor-in-Chief from Galina Zerova, who will stay with us as a member of our team – she will guide and inspire us for further developments and accomplishments.

Our agency remains a reliable partner for international and local companies and will continue to provide marketing support in pharmaceutical, veterinary, cosmetic and related industries, as well as a source of information on advanced technologies and innovative solutions in the field. Simultaneously we will focus on communication between industry experts and opinion leaders, the practical application of global innovations and development of a single platform for knowledge exchange and in-depth discussions. After all, as N. Mandela said: «Knowledge is the only weapon that will change the world».

We set the following goals for the year ahead:

  • digital transformation – involving digital opportunities to be closer to our partners;
  • innovations – we will experiment with new editorial formats and approaches;
  • projects – conferences, meetups with experts, interesting collaborations and integrations;
  • development – in response to the strategies of local manufacturing companies, we are strengthening our geographical presence in international arenas and in the EAEU

WE ARE ALREADY (or, rather, only) 15 YEARS OLD and we look forward to so much more interesting ahead!

So we make the next step in our company's development and growth. I am sure of our success since I am backed by the team of energizers and talents.

To be continued! Thank you for being with us!


Editor in Chief

Svitlana Havrylenko



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