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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2024, 1 (100) Березень 2024

Отже, 100 номерів…

These include (but are not limited to) years of regular issues, tons of printed drafts (which were sent forrecycling thanks to our secretaries), millions of e-mails sentand received, hours of conversations with client sand readers, billions of steps taken at international exhibitions in search of new products and exclusives for our audience, dozens of partner countries that expressed their expert opinion in the magazine. But this is just the tip of the ice berg. Of course, there are many more stories, including interesting and funny ones. Galyna Zerova, the editor-in-chief of the magazine from 2008 to 2021, did an amazing job to make them true.
Now let's talk about our plans for the future.
First of all, we will continue the educational activities started by Mrs. Zerova. In each issue, we will publish useful and relevant materials for specialists in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, life science, and veterinary companies. If you have any suggestions for topics or developments, please, feel free to send them to the editorial office at office@promoboz.com. We look forward to fruitful cooperation and exchange of information, which is an important condition for the further development of the industry.
We are working on a schedule of webinars, both online and pre-recorded, for the greater convenience of the audience, but more on that later. Many of our readers have already been experts at our events, which added dynamism to the conversation.
We will continue this tradition, so may be next time we will invite you.

Using available resources, we will continue to talk about the world of drug manufacturing technologies and serve as a platform for representing Ukrainian pharmaceuticals in the international arena. To this end, we work closely with exhibitions around the world, where we present special issues on Ukrainian pharmaceuticals in English and regularly engage in a dialogue with representatives of relevant ministries and agencies of Ukraine.
We continue to move along with the rest of the worldand follow global media trends, especially in terms of sustainability and efficiency. That is why this yearwe will focus on the speed of delivery of relevant news, announcements, and reports that will be posted to the relevant  sections of our website and social media. Please follow us in the digital world at #promoboz.
We will also continue to improve the digital version of the magazine. At a time when artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins, etc. are in creasing lygaining ground on production sites and in laboratories of pharmaceutical facilities, we takean active part in this process and use numerous digital advantages. We are glad to present more opportunities to visualize content with video and photos.
We have a courage to enter a new period of our development stipulating new priorities, although we carefully preserve the traditional values of the company. We thank everyone who has been with us for these 100 issues and look forward to working closely with you in the future!

Svitlana Havrylenko Editor-in-Chief, Pharmaceutical Industry Review



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