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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2023, #2 (95) April

Women in the pharmaceutical industry. Maria Dumanchuk

Maria Dumanchuk
Independent adviser in the pharmaceutical area

– What was your professional career?

My professional path was fascinating and interesting, full of different complexity of tasks, cases and projects.

– What skills are needed to succeed in the pharmaceutical field?

As for me, those skills could be useful not only in the pharmaceutical business but in any others as well. Crucial ones are curiosity and being open-minded to everything around you – knowledge, skills, information, and self-development. That means that you have to develop yourself not only as professional but as a person as well. I truly believe that personal skills give you career growth. Knowledge of formulas or planning or forecasting sales won’t help you to succeed in people management and leadership. At the same time, well planning determines you as professional. You need to get a balance between soft and hard skills to succeed. This is never-ending development. Impossible to get courses once and become a leader. You have to train your skills and complete yourself with others.

– Would you like to highlight one of the women from our field who inspired you?

Sure, with pleasure! I was lucky to learn from and be inspired by the best women in the pharmaceutical industry. One of them is Filya Zhebrovska. I learned from her to treat people well no matter what their position is. Also, to be brave enough to trust other professionals and learn from them as well. My boss Maya Sandulska, taught me to be deliberated and take my time before making any decision. I’m so grateful to her for believe in me and trust. That helps me a lot to get to know new methods of negotiation and held it on a higher level. One more significant impact on me was done by Maryana Martynchuk. I was inspired by her structural and strategic approach to everything she was doing. Also, my colleagues were my inspiration and teachers of does and don'ts. It is crucial to realize that as well.

– Where can students get experience and knowledge in pharmaceuticals?

Mentoring is not a common thing in Ukraine. Anyway, you may choose a role model for you and try to develop yourself. There is a great school of “Product Manager” by Andriy Vovkodav. Its advantage is the right surrounding and that you will be taught by practicians. This school provides practical knowledge that is actually handy instead of theory like in unis.

– In your opinion, what can help in professional development?

Constant self-learning and self-development are the basis. It is also important to learn to set goals and go for them. That is, for professional growth, you need to realize who you want to become, determine what skills you need to develop, and go toward your goal. No one will develop your skills for you.

– What are your wishes for young specialists?

All doors are opened for you if your profession was chosen by heart. There is one condition – you have to be ready to put effort to open it. The decisive moment in this story is to get your true motivation, which will always drive you.



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