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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2023, №5 (98) October

The IMA Group at CPHI Barcelona 2023. Discover our All-In-One solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

CPHI Worldwide is a not-to-be missed event for the whole pharma supply chain and, for many, the highlight of the calendar year.

The IMA Group and its specialists are glad to introduce IMA Pharma, the All-In-One supplier specialized in the design and manufacture of automatic machines and complete lines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceutical, biomedical and nutraceutical products as well as the latest and innovative technologies.

On show:

IMA Life, the Aseptic Processing & Freeze-Drying Solution division, will present INJECTA, a fill-finish machine for Ready-To-Use components. 

INJECTA, winner of the Best in Show Award 2023 at Interphex NY, is the latest solution from IMA Life, at the forefront of processing Ready-To-Use syringes, vials and cartridges. The machine’s design exploits advanced robotic technologies to assure smooth processing of the tubs and components with minimal operator access to the working area.

On show, you will discover INJECTA’s fully integrated robotic module for the automatic pick-up and assembly of size parts required to adjust stoppering and filling parameters, according to recent Annex 1 updates. Our experts will also introduce KryoAir, our new 100% green refrigeration technology for freeze dryers using the ultimate natural refrigerant: air.

In this CPHI edition, a dedicated Continuous Manufacturing corner is also on display. IMA Active’s belief in and knowledge of Continuous Manufacturing have grown stronger thanks to intensive R&D work carried out on two fronts.

A more disruptive front of IMA Active R&D consists in the partnership with CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals, a spin out of Novartis-MIT Centre, leveraging a novel production platform called Integrated Continuous Manufacturing (ICM). ICM enables seamless end-to-end Continuous Manufacturing processes that incorporate API formation steps with final drug product formulation.

Відвідувачі виставки зможуть ознайомитися
з повністю інтегрованим роботизованим модулем INJECTA для автоматичної збірки компонентів з урахуванням параметрів закупорювання та наповнення
згідно з останніми оновленнями вимог Додатку 1.

IMA Active supports ICM in the development of EMC (Extrusion Molding Caoting) technology to create the final dosage form.

While on the other R&D front IMA Active works on continuous processes by revisiting current technologies, embracing a concept of Continuous Manufacturing more closely related to conventional solid forms.

The spotlight for the pharma market is on IMA NoP (No-Plastic Program), one of the four pillars of IMA ZERO, that promotes eco-friendly plastic substitutes for the packages manufactured on the Group’s machines. IMA Safe and IMA BFB will introducing the new frontier of pharma green packaging and applications in terms of recyclable and biodegradable films, sustainable plastic materials and paper - just to name a few – which represent IMA’s concrete commitment to sustainability.


IMA Pharma: the All-In-One supplier

IMA Pharma is composed of highly expert divisions able to offer tailor-made solutions for the most sophisticated requests of the pharmaceutical market: IMA Active (Solid Dose Solutions), IMA Life (Aseptic Processing & Freeze-Drying Solutions), IMA Safe (Packaging Solutions) and IMA BFB (End of Line Solutions). Together, they combine unique skills and knowledge where people, equipment and technology come in perfect synergy.

IMA Active offers a complete range of machines for the processing of oral solid dosage forms: granulation equipment, tableting machines, capsule filling machines with a wide range of filling and control systems, capsule and tablet coating machines in perforated pan and solid wall, capsule and tablet weighing machines, product handling and washing systems. After years of study and observation, IMA Active has also taken steps towards Continuous Manufacturing with the US company CONTINUUS Pharmaceuticals either working with the IMA Active Research and Development team by revisiting current technologies embracing a concept of Continuous Manufacturing more related to conventional solid forms. In May 2021, IMA finalized the acquisition of the American Company Thomas Engineering (now Thomas Processing), leader in the coating sector from over 50 years. Thomas Processing aims to become the overseas Center of Excellence for coating under the auspices of IMA Active.

IMA Life, which includes the production sites of IMA Life Calenzano, IMA Life Pharmasiena, IMA Life North America, IMA Life Beijing and IMA Life Shanghai, offers a comprehensive product portfolio to process liquids and powders in aseptic and non-aseptic environments: vial and ampoule washers, depyrogenating tunnels, filling and closing machines for vials, ampoules, cartridges and Ready-To-Use components, powder microdosing and macrodosing machines, cappers, containment solutions, including Restricted Area Barrier Systems and isolators, lyophilisation process developments and continuous aseptic spray freeze drying technology, industrial, pilot, laboratory freeze dryers and automatic and semi-automatic vial loading and unloading systems for freeze dryers. Last but not least, assembly and labelling machines for syringes, labelling machines for vials, ampoules, shaped containers, Blow-Fill-Seal single-dose containers and cartons with the latest serialization systems. Blowing machines, depackers, tray loaders and other ancillary equipment are also available.

IMA Safe, which includes the production of IMA Safe Swiftpack, IMA North America (IMA Safe Nova), IMA Safe Co.ma.di.s., IMA Safe PG and Perfect Pack, designs and manufactures complete lines for primary and secondary packaging for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. In particular, IMA Safe division manufactures a complete range of blister packaging machines, capsule and tablet counters, sachet and stick packaging machines, tube fillers and cartoners.

IMA END-OF-LINE HUB is a unique solution provider of secondary packaging technologies. Each company within the hub brings a specific expertise. IMA BFB is a leading brand in end-of-line technologies ranging from robotic handling to overwrapping, case packing and palletizing. IMA Ciemme is an expert manufacturer of forming, loading and automatic closing technologies. IMA Mespic specialises in tailor-made solutions, from case packers to palletizers. IMA Phoenix is a leading manufacturer of print&apply and modular labellers for self-adhesive labels.


Zoran Bubalo
Tel.: +380 (63) 442-56-48



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