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Darnytsia Has Registered in Poland a Medicinal Product Used in the Complex Treatment of Heart and Kidney Failure

Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’ has registered in Poland a medicinal product used in the complex treatment of acute and chronic heart failure, acute and chronic renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, liver diseases, and arterial hypertension.

Poland is a country of the European Union, so Darnytsia has been registered in accordance with the strict requirements of EU legislation and regulations. This shows that Ukrainian medicinal products are not inferior in safety, quality, and effectiveness to European ones, and Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies are worthy competitors to global pharmaceutical giants.

Recall that in June last year, Darnytsia shipped one of its medicines to Australia. As you know, it is a country with one of the strictest regulations in the world.

‘A medicinal product registered in Poland is necessary for patients suffering from arterial hypertension with established heart and/or kidney failure. Since such ailments are common among Europeans, this medicine is popular not only in neighbouring Poland, but also in most EU countries. It is this medicine that is purchased by hospitals through tender procedures.

We guarantee the quality of our product and are convinced that both doctors and patients in Poland will be satisfied with its effectiveness. We are moving forward’, Anna Pavliuk-Havrylova, Head of the Department of International Registration and Entry into New Markets of Pharmaceutical Company ‘Darnytsia’, said.

Darnytsia plans to further expand export markets, despite the full-scale war.




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