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FITOFARM was audited by ISO

The main goals were to determine the extent to which FITOFARM is able to achieve effectiveness in the set goals and to find areas where improvement is needed.

The organization uses all the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 standard, which establishes the criteria of the quality management system.

Thanks to interviews, observations, and analysis of documents, the audit group recommended the continuation of the certification of the management system.

All documentation and organization demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the standard, and also provided a structure for the implementation and support of the management system. This proves the ability of FITOFARM to achieve the set goals and justify the expected results.

Despite the war and the loss of its own production in 2022, the company was able to retain chief staff, quickly switch to contract production and maintain its product portfolio. And also in every possible way supports the employees who were forced to leave the territories where hostilities are taking place.




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