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FITOFARM has joined the Еuropean Вusiness Аssociation

The European Business Association has been working in Ukraine since 1999. The purpose of existence is ensuring the development of companies and giving them opportunities to influence the investment climate: making it transparent, safe and professional.

Joining this community means the protection of rights and interests, the possibility of direct dialogue with the government, comprehensive growth, and the establishment of business relations. It will consolidate the high position of FITOFARM as a reliable partner for regional and international partners.

For its part, a company which has joined the “European Business Association” undertakes to adopt an anti-corruption policy, to conduct transparent activities in accordance with European standards.

FITOFARM has long followed the values of EBA, so joining the organization was only a matter of time. And the company will certainly take advantage of all the opportunities of this platform and will continue self-improvement.




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