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Contract production with “KILAFF”

PJSC “FITOFARM” continues to resume production of its drugs. The company concluded an agreement on contract production with a new partner – PE “KILAFF”.

The “KILAFF” company is a reliable manufacturer that has been supplying the pharmaceutical market with products since 2007. The company was founded in the Donetsk region, however, due to the start of hostilities in 2014, it was forced to move its production to another city. Today, PE “KILAFF” places its facilities in the wonderful city of Sumy. It is there that now drugs are also produced for PJSC “FITOFARM”.

PE “KILAFF” went through, in its time, what “FITOFARM” has to go through now – the path from loss to resumption of production of its drugs. Knowing well how difficult it is to start from scratch, the employees of “KILAFF” responded and extended a helping hand to our company. During the working negotiations, the parties reached agreements on further cooperation.




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