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The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the SANTO company signed a Memorandum of Cooperation

On October 26, 2023, the III International Pharmaceutical Forum “Global Pharm” was held in Astana. During the forum, a Memorandum of Cooperation was concluded between the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Kazakh company SANTO (JSC Khimpharm).

Cooperation under the Memorandum includes a number of areas. One of them is the development of the SANTO academic program and cooperation with leading medical universities in Kazakhstan in order to improve the quality of pharmaceutical education for the pharmaceutical industry to the level of international standards within the framework of the established medical and pharmaceutical cluster in Shymkent.

The R&D center of the SANTO company plays an important role in this direction, which became the basis for combining the functions: research and production as part of the cluster. Thus, the issue of development by the R&D research and testing center together with organizations of medical education and science of medicines - the first generics, including high-tech and innovative ones - will be considered.

In addition, joint work is envisaged to implement an investment project to modernize existing pharmaceutical production in accordance with international standards GMP, GMP EAEU, GMP EU to increase export orientation and competitiveness in international markets.

Santo is a domestic manufacturer of more than 240 types of drugs in 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups for the treatment of diseases in various fields of therapy.

The head of state has repeatedly noted the importance of cooperation with global players and technology transfer, instructing to increase the share of domestic medicines to 50%.

The international pharmaceutical forum “Global Pharm” retains its status as the most effective dialogue platform for identifying new development opportunities and searching for reliable business partnerships. During its implementation, Kazakhstan signed five Memorandums of Cooperation with domestic and foreign companies.

In conclusion, the parties expressed their readiness to achieve common goals - the development of the domestic pharmaceutical market, the creation of new opportunities for the development of the country's production and scientific potential, as well as attracting investment in the production of domestic products.




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