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Nicomac joins Mangini Group

With the acquisition of the majority shareholding of Nicomac by Mangini, a new entity is born today in Italy, among the most important in Europe in the cleanroom and OSD equipment market. 

On the eve of CPhI Barcelona 2023, one of the most important international pharmaceutical event, we are pleased to make an official announcement about the successful completion of a remarkable financial transaction in which Nicomac, industry leader in modular cleanroom systems and coating and granulation equipment for oral solids dosage forms, has joined Mangini Group, an industrial company active on international markets for design, production and installation of mobile partitions and accessories with high technological characteristics provided with anti-seismic, fire-fighting, acoustic and environmental certification. Mangini operates in the Healthcare, Cleanroom, Workspace, Doors and Hospitality sectors, and also offers, with Acotec Mangini Turnkey Division, turnkey solutions, prefabricated structures and modular hospitals. 

With the entry of Nicomac, Mangini Group achieves the objective of creating new synergies and economies of scale, presenting itself to the European and international market as one of the most important players capable of offering a vast range of integrated product lines: turnkey projects, clean rooms for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, electronics and aerospace industries, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories, modular projects for hospitals, workspaces and industrial doors and complete coating and granulation lines for oral solid dosage pharmaceutical and nutraceutical forms. In regards to the North American market, all Mangini Group divisions are now represented by Nicos, Nicomac’s distribution company since 1985, which has become part of the Putignano industrial group. 

“After 46 years of continuous growth, I am extremely happy and proud of the integration process with Mangini group which allows our companies to position ourself on the global market as one of the largest industrial companies for the supply of cleanrooms and pharmaceutical equipment. The wide range, quality, cutting-edge technology of products and services we are able to provide, places us as one of the strongest global groups in the sector thanks to Mangini’s knowledge and innovations combined with Nicomac’s history. I am proud to be part of this new group and to work with people like Massimo Mangini and his team, who I deeply respect for the expertise and passion they have always put into their work”, - Tomaso Nigris, CEO Nicomac.

The operation that brought Nicomac to be part of our group allows us to achieve the objective of expanding production and commercial capacity at an international level in the cleanroom and OSD equipment sector thanks to Nicomac and Nicos’ presence in foreign markets and the reputation of their brands. This important step integrates and completes our offer of highly technological solutions in the cleanroom sector. Furthermore, with Nicos USA Mangini Group strengthens the marketing and distribution of its products and systems for the American market. I am proud to be supported by the great experience and professionalism of Tomaso and Francesco Nigris” - Massimo Mangini, President of Mangini Group.




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