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Sanofi to acquire US-based health and wellness firm Qunol

Sanofi, a global pharmaceutical company, has reached a definitive agreement to acquire Qunol, a well-established brand in the health and wellness industry based in the US.

The acquisition is aimed at bolstering Sanofi’s Consumer Healthcare (CHC) division, particularly in the Vitamin, Mineral, and Supplements (VMS) category. The VMS category is among the largest and most rapidly expanding consumer health segments in the US, with a specific focus on the active “healthy ageing” demographic.

Qunol’s product offerings, such as CoQ10 for heart health and Turmeric for joint health, will complement Sanofi’s CHC portfolio. These products address chronic health conditions that are experiencing a growing demand from consumers. As a result, the acquisition brings a trusted and profitable brand with double-digit growth to Sanofi’s consumer healthcare business in the US.

By pursuing this acquisition, Sanofi aims to capitalise on growth opportunities and create further value for its consumer healthcare division. It enables the company to strengthen its presence in the US market, expand its product offerings, and cater to the increasing needs of consumers seeking health and wellness solutions for various chronic conditions.

Sanofi consumer healthcare executive vice president Julie Van Ongevalle said: “The acquisition of Qunol further strengthens our portfolio in the wellness category. It taps into the growing ‘healthy ageing’ segment and fills one of our white spaces in the US, unlocking an opportunity for us to build on our US presence and accelerate our growth. VMS now functions as long-term support for overall health and wellness where proactive preventive health has become the new norm post-pandemic. We are excited to welcome Qunol and, with this addition to our consumer healthcare portfolio, reinforce our commitment to bring more health into the hands of people.”

The acquisition of Qunol by Sanofi is anticipated to be completed in the third quarter of 2023, pending the fulfilment of standard closing conditions, including regulatory approvals as required.

Qunol’s CoQ10 and Turmeric products have a solid foundation in scientific literature, providing evidence of their effectiveness in their respective health segments.




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