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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2023, #1 (94) February

Courageous New Year…

A large-scale war turned the world of all Ukrainians upside down. And all the paper in the world will not be enough to write everyone's story – only a heart made of "ukranium" will be able to withstand it and not lose faith in the future. Unfortunately, there were also losses among our colleagues, friends, and like-minded people – we remember everyone, we sympathize with everyone...

It is obvious that pharma is as important a strategic industry and pillar of national security as the military-industrial complex. Because the life of every Ukrainian citizen is extremely important to the country.

And the authorities are already developing and implementing anti-crisis plans and measures for the recovery of Ukraine to support domestic manufacturers. For example, during martial law, domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers are allowed to sell medicinal products intended for export to other countries and to use active pharmaceutical ingredients of alternative manufacturers and auxiliary substances and packaging material not included in the registration dossier.

New modern technologies and investments in the industry will definitely make a breakthrough in the scientific environment. Therefore, on the pages of our magazine, we continue to share the latest innovations and case studies from around the world. We are grateful to our partners for their clear position regarding russia's attack and for supporting our manufacturers.

In addition, we are observing a trend toward positive assessments of the investment climate. The investment potential of Ukraine is enormous, although temporarily weakened by the war. Even under such difficult circumstances, we see that the country's economy continues to work, and there is a certain interest in a number of sectors from both existing and new investors. Not every investor is ready to invest right away, but is eager to study potential opportunities, look for future partners, etc. Based on the results of relevant studies, numerous experts are aware that after the Victory of Ukraine, much more people will be willing to invest, but the financial entry barrier will be much higher.

Having passed the test of war, Ukrainian manufacturers are now able to export their products without negative consequences for local consumers. That is why one of the main priorities for this year has been set by the state to continue the harmonization of national legislation with the EU regulations. The Pharmaceutical industry (production of drugs and medicinal products) is attributed to the priority sectors of the economy of Ukraine that will facilitate investment support of manufacturers by the state and contribute to the development of the industry in general and drug manufacturers in Ukraine in particular.

The Law "On Medicinal Products" establishes European norms and standards in the circulation of medicinal products.

During this year, we all became stronger and more united. We are also taught to appreciate the time, the people around us, what we have today, and most importantly, to dream of a peaceful tomorrow.

Editor in Chief
Svitlana Havrylenko



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