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Pharmaceutical Industry review/Фармацевтична галузь, 2023, №5 (98) October

Marchesini Group at CPHI 2023 with a small pharma laboratory and all its innovations in the field of AI and Digital Transformation

Marchesini Group will be exhibiting at the upcoming CPHI Worldwide exhibition, which this year will take place from 24 to 26 October in Spain. This event will give the Group the opportunity to engage with global players in the pharmaceutical industry and show them its latest innovations in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Customers visiting stand R50-60, Hall 3 will be able to enjoy a unique and immersive experience that will let them fully explore the digital world of Marchesini Group.

This edition of the event will be focusing not only on technological innovation, but also on pharmaceutical production: the stand will, indeed, feature a small pharmaceutical laboratory with various Dr. Bonapace-branded solutions for the packaging of capsules, tablets and suppositories. Among the solutions on display will be a tablet press, an automatic capsule filling machine, a weighing machine and a machine for the production of suppositories and ovules in plastic strips with different capacities.

Also inside the Group's exhibition area will be M.A.R, a brand specialized in the creation of machines for filling liquids and powders in bottles, syringes and cartridges, as well as the SEA Vision company, a partner specialized in vision systems.

Marchesini Group’s world of AI and Digital Transformation

In this edition of CPHI Worldwide, visitors will be able to take part in an immersive and engaging experience to delve deeper into all the solutions that Marchesini Group has developed in the field of digital transformation and artificial intelligence. In order to offer its customers increasingly versatile and high-performance automatic machines, the Group will give the opportunity to test a training machine, developed together with the Eyecan startup: visitors will be able to closely observe a robot capable of training another robot, demonstrating how AI can play a fundamental role in robot picking applications.

Artificial intelligence will also be the basis of "Morpheus", the predictive maintenance solution available to customers to allow them to increase productivity and acquire greater knowledge and mastery of the machines purchased. At the event it will be possible to see a live demonstration of this application which, thanks to the presence of sensors on the machine (IoT network) and tools for collecting and subsequently analysing data using AI-based algorithms, allows the health of the machines to be monitored 24/7 and maintenance planned in advance, thus avoiding any breakdowns.

The must-sees at this edition of CPHI include the Customer Portal, with a set of services tailored to customer needs, enabling real-time, dynamic information exchange. As well as the Morpheus system data analysis dashboards, the portal also includes online digital documentation for purchased machines, the Service Platform to handle service requests directly with the Marchesini Group after-sales service, and the interactive parts manual for faster, more efficient ordering of genuine Marchesini Group parts.

Another leading-edge solution on view on the stand is augmented reality size change, a service developed by the Group to assist customers in the transfer of information and know-how for the correct use of machines. This simple, user-friendly technology enables pharmaceutical companies to train their own technical staff quickly and effectively, reducing the risk of human error.




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